Akez,on a suit during the film of:Inception


Akez is the Fourth Character of The Vaktovian War and Awarded by Spire Industries as "Best Leading Actor".

The Destruction of Vak EventEdit

Part 6:

Hiding on the buildings on the city.

The Vaktovian War EventEdit

Part 3:

Since Akez is with Sasuke,they are heading on the top.Once they are done,Akez comes as the tank man on the lead and Colonel of VS.After clearing the Fort,They regrouped on the hills.

Part 4:

Akez appears on the Philadelphia meeting.When the philadelphia goes into the destruction mayhem of the vaktovian empire.Akez will last appear on the fighters.

Part 6:

Akez don't appear but he talks on the debriefing.

Part 7:

Akez appears when he stops the truck infront of Jazz and Reports.When the airfield is attacked by Vaktovians.Akez move out with Spire while Sasuke and OPOPPO Separated.Once they cleared the city Akez regroups to the others on the roof.