The Symbol of the Final Goverment.

Intellegence Spectical Overlords== ISOs are the descendants of the Powerful Living Turbinal, the one who created the Multiverse. ISOs are led by the Fierce and Powerful Judgement God, The one who decides what comes up first and what's to the region. ISOs are the only ones who supported and made the Infinite numbers of Multiverses. The Five Co-Leaders of the ISOs are Sav'Razon, De'gartsar, Orion, Deviant and Charlo'lik.


ISOs are being overruled by The Final Goverment, The Final One is the superior of all than the Living Turbinal, Also the one who made the foundation of all the Gods. ISOs are borned in billions of population, and was attacked by the Overpowered Alien Lifeform called the "Covenant". Their ISO kind was nearly extinct on existance Until an ISO Named " Eternal ISO " The Mystical and Highest Ranking of all ISOs called upon to Separate and mythically spread the word how Intellegent they are and teach the Human Race of what's right or what's wrong.

Present TimeEdit

Eternal ISO is the only Survivor of the Highest Rankings of ISOs. He commanded Eighteen Divisions of the ISO Colony. Since his bravery and act of Independence of all ISOs, their kind raised into Billions once more. But ISOs are now becoming Rebellious of Eternal ISO's actions from the Multiverse.

ISO RogueEdit

ISO Rogues are workers of the Separatist Orders, They are commonly skilled to hunt or take down High Value Targets. These are dangerous and hardworking Rogues. They are nearly impossible to be killed with their Agile speed and Various of Extreme Power.

All the Rogues want is Eternal ISO change his mind and return to the Universe by destroying and disrupting the Human Race with Vital Targets of the Most Important. The ISO Rogues are organized by two Pairs, The First Order and the Second Dark Order.

ISO SeparatistsEdit

Similar as the Rogues, But they are working on the Anti-Goverment of the Final Goverment. Their embracement and power is allied to the Black/Dark Knights. Their RCR are type of various. Their Ranks are limitless and for that matter, 52.5% of the ISOs survivors are Separatists.

The Separatists are useless to their own New Ancestors, As of that their Leadership is lack and their Actions are Aggressive. The Seperatists are being hold as a group of Army. There are only 39.5% RCR Technologys on the Separatists while Spire holds most of the RCR Technology, 70% to 90.4%.

Separatists are stealing SonicSpire's ( Eternal ISO ) Technologies by attacking Several Spire Industries Labs. These are improving the very fast of their unstoppable Army.