List of Hidden Pressure Points that is strucked using Hokuto Shinken

NOTE: This article has nothing to do with Vaktovian War. This is related to Agito's Article and is only an extra page.

  • Kisha - Paralyzes one's Body
  • Shigo (Also known as "Toui") - Located on the temples. Causes the Victim to regret everything he has done bad before exploding
  • Suzetsu - Located below the temples. Knocks the Victim unconscious.
  • Meimon - Contracts the Victim's muscles until the spine is broke in half.
  • Meiken - Ripps the Victim's arms off
  • Teishin - Same as Suzetsu
  • Domei - Turns the Victim blind
  • Shin-ichi - Cause Victim to talk againts there will
  • Shinfukumen - The Victim's body explodes upon sudden movement.
  • Kyonai - Causes the Victim's jaw permanently open.
  • Daikyoken - Causes the Victim's body to rust.
  • Kenmei - Restores eyesight
  • Kyosetsu - Causes a person who is welding a gun to aim at himself/herself.
  • Ryugan - Causes the Victim to feel unbearable pain forever.
  • Gekishinko - Causes the Victim's heart to explode.
  • Sen-Yo - Cause the Victim to be paralyzed.
  • Shitsugen - Causes the Victim to walk backwards.
  • Shintanchu - Causes the Victim to feel euphoria before death.
  • Shinketsushu - Drains blood for 3 days.
  • Shinreidai - Extends life for 3 days (Has a Side-Effect of transforming the hair white)
  • Jinchukyoko - Causes the Victim to explode in 3 seconds
  • Sekkatsuko - Increases strength but decreases life span
  • Kyomei - Located on the shoulders, Causes the Victim's hands explode
  • Zenha - Stop breathing
  • Joketsukai - Disables right leg.
  • Fugan - Changes One's personality.
  • Sushu - Turns the Victim into a coward.
  • Kisho - Causes the Victim's teeth to fall out.
  • Zenchi - Force Victim to Drink.
  • Daishi Kokon - Causes intense pain if the Victim tries to scream, Screaming too loud may cause gruesome death.
  • Shidoketsu - Paralyzes the Victim for a moment.
  • Ochu - Healing vital point.

Hidden Pressure Points discovered by AgitoEdit

  • Daiki - Causes the Victim's tounge to get cut in half.
  • SlouHedgehoggu - Only Sonic the Hedgehog has this hidden Pressure Point, Causes him to slow down.