OPOPPO is the Set Builder of Rick n'Roll Studios and one of the important characters of the Vaktovian War and as a VS Soldier on the destruction of vak.

OPOPPO on a galatic force suit during his new film.

The Destruction of Vak EventEdit

Part 4

In part 4,You will see OPOPPO on a VS Uniform,OPOPPO is a Major during the events of that time.He also appears during clearing the ghost town inhabited by Vaks.He survived the attack.Right after ShadowJazz's goes on the scene.

The Vaktovian War EventEdit

Part 3

OPOPPO is a Colonel prior to the event of the Destruction of vak.He is one of Spire's Surviving men.OPOPPO arrives when SonicSpire's Men cleared the front entrance of the taken fort by the Vaks.Once the fort was cleared.OPOPPO regrouped on Spire's Group and Sasuke's.

Part 7 (Was Director-Cutted since July and was uploaded in September,but Part 7 is part of Part 3.)

When the Sahara Airfield was attacked,OPOPPO made it first to the city with Garuru,But both of them separated each other when the Vaktovians arrives in another wave.Once Spire's men goes inside the city and the vaks kept on attacking.OPOPPO will be on the scene at the top of the building.After the city is cleared OPOPPO's Last appearance will make a stand before the flashback comes.