Rick120 on his Vampire Roleplay Costume.


Main Character of the Filming Winning hit of "Vortex Security:War of the Raiders".Since a new phenomenon Director,Rick has been played in alot of different roles of filming such as in the films of the Second Award Winning Film of "The Vaktovian War" Created by SonicSpire.And the best Anti-Vaktovian War Filming "The Destruction of Vak" by ShadowJazz.

The Destruction of Vak EventEdit

Part 3

Rick appears on the front entrance of Vaktovia,where Jazz and Spire comes on the entire area.Since the sweeping area is almost secured.More Vaktovians kept on coming.Rick was able to shot all of them in a single bullet.After clearing the Front lines of Vaktovia.Yoda Appears,So Rick and his Sole Purposed Soldier comes to regroup with Jazz and the others.

The Vaktovian War EventEdit

Part 2

As Rick appears as Colonel of Nextgen Resistance,he will have to assist Jazz to hold out the Vaktovian Outpost,which is nearly taken over by Vaktovian Rebels.Rick is about to make a major firearms when a Rebel Tank came infront of them and was taken down by Spire when he arrived.Jazz and the others Regrouped.

Part 4

Rick appears on Part 4 on the highway scene enroute to the city of Robloxia.