A Vaktovian General,But was part of Vaktus Traditional Generals.

Vortex Security

Vortex Security has been a major group.Since 1996,they had a war on the Raiders for alot of years until 2004.(A Roblox Film Movie maded by Rick120 called "Vortex Security:War of the Raiders").Vortex is now going to clean up the serious problems now of the Vaktovian Empire.

Nextgen Resistance (Nxtgen)

Nextgen Resistance is led by ShadowJazz,They were the ones who cleaned the mess of the Vaktovian Empire since 2010-2015 on the events of the Vaktovian War.Nextgen became active throught 20 years until the Destruction of the VS Philadelphia has came,causing Jazz to die on a debris.As Nextgen is Fallen,the one who is leading is now peterborough.

The Robloxian Army (TRA)

Former Enemies of WIJ became allies when the Vaktovians came on the trouble.Since TRA was a serious blowing threat of WIJ during their war in 2006,they had alot of cleanup buisness they had.TRA Launched the Invasion to the Vaktovian First before VS.

WIJ (No Shortcut name just WIJ)

WIJ is the Former Enemies of TRA, WIJ promptly defeated TRA in a final battle. WIJ and VAK also had a short war which was settled with a draw.

The Vaktovian Empire (VAK)

The Vaktovian Empire,one of the powerful empire of robloxia ever known to be.Faced in living on the southern area of Eposz,Robloxia.The Vaktovian Empire was been published in 2003 during the War of the Raiders.Vaktus,or Emperor Vaktus for the vaktovians they call him.Has led powerful attack and disaster phenomenon during the ages of 2004-2025.For those matter of days,Vaktovia is remebered.

Special Political Society (SPS)

Unamed,Classified by the Goverment Officials between the United States and the Philippines,SPS Was designed to clean up territorial terrorist territories.SPS has been closed in 1993 before RAT Became on their own showing pants.(More Info Details when the SPS Wikia is created)

The Roblox Assault Team (RAT)

Named and was Spire's First Military Career he was a sergeant since 1995 on RAT and resigned in 1999.RAT was the first military group to found the Vaktovian Empire at a small town recovering a terminal that has a file.