Sasuke (Sasuke12377)Edit

Secondary Main Character of Vaktovian War,New Actor on the Roblox Modern Warfare Series.Action Award Winner of "War of the Raiders" & "Game of the Guns"

Sasuke,on a Reaper/Soul Reaper Suit.

The Destruction of vak EventsEdit

Part 3:

Sasuke appears as a VS Soldier on the Outpost of Nextgen.Last Appearance when Jazz's Team Leaves.

The Vaktovian War EventsEdit

Part 3:

Sasuke is with Colonel Akez during Operation:Reborned Fort.Sasuke has cleared the lower village and meets up with SonicSpire on the hills.Now after the meeting,Sasuke and SonicSpire Launches a massive invasion on the taken fort by the Vaktovians.Since they came up a new idea,they started attacking and retake the fort.After clearing the entire fort,Sasuke regrouped with SonicSpire.And leaves the area once Rick ordered to pull out.

Part 7:

Before the events of the Philadelphia,Sasuke arrives with Spire on a Plane once clearing the taken fort by the Vaktovians.Now after arriving,Nextgen Leader ShadowJazz,TKU General Vance and The rest of the team of SonicSpire's.After an alliance meeting,a Vaktovian Airstrike attacks the entire Airfield of VS.Causing Spire's Team and Sasuke's Delta Forces to get to the humvee and advances to the city.When Sasuke ordered to get more men after arriving,Spire heads up with Akez on the City.Once Sasuke is inside,you will see him on the roof.After clearing the entire city.Sasuke last appearance will be going on after they sweeped the entire city.