Sonicthehedgehog012 is a user on Roblox, Who is famouse for acting like the real Blue Blur.

He has a team called "Sonic Team". He finds voleenters and tells them to make another account to join the team

Ex. [Sonic Character's name]0[Any 2-digit number here].

If STH012 caughts a Sonic Team member on his primary account instead of there Sonic Team, He will exile them from the team.

He has many haters because of him acting like the Real Sonic the Hedgehog from the Video Game world.

He left Roblox and joined Whirled instead

SonicSpire calls him Sonic the Whorehog.

Before they were both hating each other.Edit

SonicSpire found STH012 on November 2009,they became friends.Of course he was a Sonic Fan that day with his Spire Team.He followed Sonicthehedgehog012 everywhere he goes.Every team members he have also follows him.It didn't took long before it was gone.

How both they became rivals.Edit

SonicSpire was finding a solution to retire being a Sonic Fan by lying everything else from Sonic.As Sonic found he was lying,he decided to leave roblox.(This was also the decision of Sonicthehedgehog012 to leave on roblox because of SonicSpire.).That's where he will live in Whirled forever.

For the record,Sonicthehedgehog012 is still remained unknown.